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Five star average user review score!! ‘gameplay is unique.. and very fun and addictive’   8/10 App-Score.com ‘Prepare for some explosive arcade action.. creates REAL social play’    Appvader.com ‘Explosive!’   3.5/5   148apps.com ‘..fantastic and fun shooter game.. extreme head-to-head game experience’ 4/5    Crazymikesapps.com ‘Fun blasting all the way.. simple to pick up and play..’ 4/5                                              iPhoneGamerUK ‘..incredible gameplay concept.. pure blast to play with another person..’ 4/5    VideoGameWriters.com ‘..challenging and hard to stop playing..’  4/5                                                                OldSchoolJunkie.com The SpaceOff family: SpaceOff screen shots:   TM