Totem Games Ltd Press Release March 19th 2012                                                                                                                                        SpaceOff – Updated | Intense Head-to Head Battle Game | iOS SpaceOff has now been updated to offer even more Fun with Friends on your iPhone!! Two player Vs games are few and far between on the App Store and rarely work well.  SpaceOff offers fantastic fun for two players on one iPhone and provides a real social experience making it an essential purchase. SpaceOff is an intense two player 'head-to-head' battle game for the iPhone and has been described as 'Pong meets Asteroids in space'.  Game centre integration and twenty distinct arenas offer massive replay value.  Simple to play and family friendly it  is a completely unique game for the App Store - there  is nothing else like it!! Main changes implemented in SpaceOff 1.1 -  Difficulty curve of the single player mode has been tweaked to ease players in more gently.  -  Substantially reduced game file size. -  Added 'hold for auto fire' hint. -  Updated 'Explosive' store icon (right click image to download): Changes planned for SpaceOff 1.2 - Option to turn off in-game music and sound effects. - Powerup strength modification. - Insert ratings prompt. - Performance increase. SpaceOff Pricing $2.99 US  (£1.99 GBP) App Store link:  SpaceOff Videos 1)  SpaceOff launch video: or (right click) download from dropbox: 2)  SpaceOff 'first look' video: or (right click) download from dropbox: SpaceOff Screenshots (Right click to download) SpaceOff Logo (Right click to download) Totem Games Ltd Based in Chester in the North West of England, Totem Games Ltd is a small, independent games developer.  The company was formed in June 2011 by ex Bizarre Creations lead designer, Matt Cavanagh and his wife, Jill.  Matt has worked in the games industry for nearly 20 years, spending most of that time working for Bizarre on titles including The Club, 007:Bloodstone and Fur Fighters. Totem Games Ltd logo Matt and Jill Cavanagh (right click to download) More Information: Matt and Jill are available for comment on Totem Games Ltd Website:  Twitter:!/TotemGamesLtd  Facebook:  SpaceOff on Facebook:  Totem Games Ltd Homepage (c) 2012-2014 Totem Games Ltd.  All Rights reserved